If you decide to start an agritourism project, it is important that you know the types of agrotourism projects. Then you can select the most suitable type based on your capabilities and your business requirements. Below we will review the most important types of agricultural tourism projects.

Organizing a tour around the farm

 People everywhere are increasingly interested in what they eat and where it comes from. As a farmer, you can play a role in educating them and providing them with information about different types of crops, farming practices, harvesting methods, many kinds of farm animals and animal breeding methods. In addition to creating a positive image of agriculture within visitors. Tours can be designed for large or small groups as well as older persons, kindergarten children, professionals in a particular

Farm accommodation

  Opening the doors of the farm to visitors to participate in some programs of daily agricultural activities. Example (if the farm is dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables or fruits, where the main channel of the farm to market its products is to sell 100% of the farm's products in foreign markets. In the event that agricultural tourism is activated on the farm, visitors are given the opportunity to participate in picking and reaping the fruits directly from the farm fields) as well as the opportunity for the farm to open new marketing channels to sell the farm's fresh and processed products, and then there will be an increase in income as well as the consolidation of the relationship between the farm and its visitors.

Add the title

In order to transform a farm or create a tourist farm, you have to think of this as a project that needs to be well planned and implemented to grow and thrive with time, so you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your farm. The decision to open the farm to visitors is not an easy one, as knowledge of the potential risks of the farm or visitors may lead to legal accountability. To learn more about how to create or turn a farm into a tourist farm, join one of the training courses on the subject.